Special number 2 aired around Christmas 1990, and therefore has a festive yuletide flavour to it. Among other things, it features an interview with a guy who eats only lemons, a weatherman who is very unstable, and a sketch about a poopoo peepee Christmas.


Sketch Listings:


Murray Myron - All Lemon Diet


Toilet Duck


Old McDonald - Part 1


Beethoven Backing Up His Truck


Banna and Harbera Christmas Special


Exceminol DM


Caspar Haboot Sings Songs of Death


Crazy Weatherman


Old McDonald - Part 2


Dr. David William Wainright




Fantasy Line


Murray Myron - All Lemon Diet - Part 2


Solve the Mystery Part 1


Old McDonald - Part 3


Issues at Hand


Soup in a Sponge


Solve The Mystery - Part 2




Christmas On Acid