Yes, it's the long awaited SECOND CD from The Vestibules!!! With 40
, it's got close to an HOUR of Vestibule sketches! It's FUNNY,
GOOD and also AMUSING and HILARIOUS! Plus, there's several pictures of
The Vestibules wearing really dumb clothes!




And here's what you get:
1. I Spy
2. Higher-Lower I
3. Play-By-Play
4. Kentworth Haynes Olde English Tea Biscuits
5. Cooking Time With Phillipa and Denina
6. Pete and Bob: Scooby Doo Animated Version
7. The Body of Christ
8. ER
9. Thursday
10.Performance Artist Barbi
11. Roch Carrier
12. Crazy Sammy's Discount Store
13. Laundry
14. Monks
15. Fantasy Line
16. The Good Ol' Days Of Rock n' Roll
17. A Message From Brent Carlisle
18. Higher-Lower II
19. Encor Instant Coffee
20. A Message From Brent Carlisle
21. The XR-2000 Hair Replacement System
22. Inside The Actors Studio
23. A Message From Brent Carlisle
24. The Line-Up
25. Shakespeare
26. Talking To Bill
27. Pete and Bob: Things That Have Things Written On Them
28. Chatting With Blanche and Gladys
29. Caspar Haboot's Movie Music
30. Did You See That Thing?
31. More Play-By-Play
32. The Chamber of Fate
33. Higher-Lower III
34. Sketch Shmetch
35. Jesus Goes To Hawaii
36. Mickey Hippo
37. Pete and Bob: Six Degrees of Gavin Macleod
38. It's Not Me, Eh, Sir
39. Silence Before The Hidden Bonus Track
40. The Hidden Bonus Track